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Surface Finishes Defined and Explained

Comanche Stainless can produce all of the below finishes on all products regardless of the shape or size.
The following definitions correspond to the industry standard as per the American Iron & Steel Institute (“AISI”)

No. 3 Finish: A polished finish obtained with abrasives approximately 100-120 grit , and which may or may not be additionally polished during fabrication.

No. 4 Finish: A general purpose polished finish obtained with abrasives approximately 120-180 grit.

No. 6 Finish: A dull satin finish having lower reflectivity than a No. 4 finish. Buffing may or may not be required. Generally obtained with abrasives approximately 320 grit.

No. 7 Finish: A finish that has a high degree of reflectivity. It is produced by the buffing of a finely ground surface,
but all of the grit lines are not removed. 

No. 8 Finish: The most reflective finish obtained by polishing with successively finer abrasives and very fine buffing. The surface is essentially free of grit lines from preliminary grinding operations.

Comanche Stainless can also produce non-industry finishes such as:

Non-Directional Finish: A non-linear, uniform finish free of grit lines created by linear polishing followed by
non-directional orbital polishing. 

Longitudinal Finish: A non-circumferential finish produced on a pipe or tube.

RA Finish: A finish measured by the number of grit lines per micro-inch on a product's surface. Heightened regulations and specifications in different industries demand RA finishes because these finishes can be measured specifically with a profilometer.

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